Change Management Methodology

Mead Perry Group have been able to assist Councils with change processes to ensure the delivery of outcomes and milestones are in accordance with project scopes identified.
Our objective is to implement multiple improvements and integrate Council processes with the undertaking of the following;
  • Work with Councillors and the senior management team to identify and prioritise the processes and projects needing to be addressed;
  • Work with Councillors and the senior management team to scope projects and ensure stakeholders have a clear understanding of requirements and costs in the delivery of the project;
  • Selection of project teams from a variety of staff who  have some involvement in the process during their normal work activities; and
  • Work with project teams to assist in the delivery of the project outcomes and milestones.


Upon the identification and prioritisation of projects, the following is the methodology of a Business Process Review which should encompass;
Current Analysis
  • The project team to document how the process is currently being completed.  With the amalgamation of two or more organisations, it is likely that each organisation is completed the task slightly differently.  The aim is to document the process, rather than identify the best process.
  • The gathering of historical information to ensure information is not lost but rather documented for potential future use.
  • Identification of the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.
  • The documented information can then presented to the senior management team to ensure they also have  a clear understanding of the process.


Future Vision
  • The importance of Councillor and senior management input is highlighted in this phase.  The project team is required to identify how the process may work when financial or staff resources is not be an issue.  There are to be no restrictions on the aim to have the best process.
  • Mead Perry Group undertake to make a presentation to the senior management team on the project team’s vision for the future.


Implementation Plan
During this phase, the project team will consider the best approach for moving forward with the new process model.  The aim is for quick wins to maximise the financial benefit to Council, create an easier process for staff to use and encourage staff to adopt a positive attitude towards the new program.