Community Planning Methodology

Mead Perry Group initially facilitate a preparatory meeting with senior staff to establish the community planning methodology and determine the detail of the process for completing the project. This would include the determination of the detail of the community survey and the review of existing plans, literature etc.
In conjunction with senior staff, we prepare a community issues questionnaire for review and distribution and/or online set up.  Subsequent to completion of this survey, Mead Perry Group analyse the survey results in preparation for focus group, staff and Councillor (as applicable) workshops.
Mead Perry Group conduct a workshop with Council (if applicable) and senior staff to develop a long term vision and long term goals, strategies etc. as suggested by the best practice guidelines.  An organisation may wish to extend the attendance at this workshop to key community stakeholders.
Subsequent to the workshop, we review and collate the workshop outcomes and prepare a draft Community Plan, including presentation materials in preparation for the community validation phase.
The adopted Draft Community Plan for public review is made available for comment and circulated as directed by Council (as applicable). After the public comment period, Mead Perry Group will review and collate responses from the public and prepare a report, prior to adopting the Community Plan.
The Community Plan is then publicised.