Organisational Review Methodology

These projects involve a review of the Council organisation, its operations and enterprises.
Recommendations subsequent to the review include necessary structural and human resource reform to meet the needs of Council in the delivery of best practice governance and service delivery to its community in line with long term vision and corporate goals.
The project is undertaken by Mead Perry Group in four phases;


Phase 1 – Issues Identification and Analysis;
This phase will involve the determination of operational and/or structural issues which may be affecting the capacity of the organisation to meet its legislative obligations and deliver the outcomes required by Council.
During the initial on-site visit, Mead Perry Group will conduct a staff issues survey with all staff (in their major work groups) to assess the views of staff across a range of areas including any specific areas that Council wishes to address. This survey will identify major issues for staff across the organisation and within work groups. This information will be useful in setting benchmarks for staff views which can be assessed in the future as reforms are implemented.
Mead Perry Group will also conduct individual interviews with all managers as well as a cross section of all staff. These interviews will assist in confirming and providing detail on matters identified in the staff survey.
On completion of the on-site work, Mead Perry Group will collate and analyse the data collected, including the preparation of survey result graphs. This process will deliver a clear indication of the issues that are perceived by staff as requiring attention as well as identifying any areas that do not have the capacity to, or are not functioning in a way that meets the needs of Council.


Phase 2 – Issues Investigation and Review (specific operational areas to assess performance against industry standards, legislative requirements and Council needs)
This phase will be carried out after the analysis of the survey and interview data and a review of Council’s existing Corporate and Operational Plans, Policies, Staff Position Descriptions, etc.
During this investigation phase, Mead Perry Group will investigate operational issues raised by staff to determine their validity and assess the functioning and performance of the organisation in general, including formal and informal communication and authority structures. There is usually a need to interview staff to clarify or expand on information provided previously and to gather more detail on particular operational processes, etc.


Phase 3 – Data Review and Report Preparation (including on-site report presentation workshop)
All of the data which has been gathered will be reviewed and analysed in the offices of Mead Perry Group.  Any further research will be conducted as part of the report preparation.
A draft report will be provided to the Chief Executive Officer of the Council for review and to ensure that information relied upon and any assumptions made are accurate. A final report is usually then presented to Council by Mead Perry Group in a workshop format to ensure that there is a complete understanding of the matters and recommendations contained in the report.


Phase 4 – Implementation of Adopted Recommendation
It is likely that a range of reforms will be required, some which will be simple and quick to implement and others which will be complex and require long term action. Some of these matters will be able to be dealt with internally and some may require outsourced assistance, further detail or specialist investigation.
It is usually suggested that a review of progress be undertaken in 10-12 months following to ensure that the actions adopted by Council have or are in the process of being carried out and another staff views survey be conducted to measure changes in the perception of organisational performance.