Rate Review Methodology

Mead Perry Group regularly undertake Rates and Utilities Reviews for Councils which provide for a review, analysis and report on alternative options for general rating and utility charges.   The aim of these projects is to develop an equitable general rating and utility charging system which meets the needs of Council.
To achieve this Mead Perry Group:
  • Consult with Council and or its nominated staff to establish the needs for and desired outcomes of a revised general rating and utilities charging methodology;
  • Analyse Council’s systems to establish capital and operational costs of all Shire water supply, sewerage and cleansing activities;
  • Consider options for cost savings and identify the service delivery implications of change;
  • Carry out a thorough review of the existing general rating and utilities system;
  • Investigate alternative general rating and utilities charging approaches which will deliver the desired outcomes;
  • Report on the findings of the review and make any necessary recommendations; and
  • Facilitate the upload of new rates categories into the rating system.
This will allow Council and Management to make informed decisions on the best approach for general rating and utilities charging in Shire.
The methodology used by Mead Perry Group during this process is:
  • Carry out an initial review of the current general rating and utilities charging systems.
  • Consult with Council and or nominated staff to determine what is required from the general rating and utilities charging system and discuss any issues identified.
  • Analyse the features of the rate base and research alternative approaches and options within the current legislative provisions.
  • Consult with the working group on any issues identified that require comment or feedback and conduct modelling on the most acceptable alternative approaches or systems, including transitional arrangements.
  • Prepare a report to Council with the findings of the research and analysis and recommendations for changes to the general rating and utilities charging system. If required this report is able to be workshopped with Council and Staff.
  • When Council has adopted an alternative system, review and suggest amendments to Council’s Revenue Policy, Revenue Statement and Budget Resolutions, as required.
  • Provide support to facilitate the upload of the new system onto the rating system and ensure it is functioning in line with modelling forecasts.


Examples of information used when reviewing general rates and utility charges:

Av. Resident GeneralAv. Water Charges

Av. Sewerage ChargesAv. Cleansing charges