Staff Views Survey Methodology

Whether leading into an organisational review, as an annual measure of staff satisfaction, or to identify areas of concern, Mead Perry Group have been undertaking Staff View Surveys for a number of Councils for some time.  Mead Perry Group believe it an excellent tool to determine a thorough understanding of where Council is at internally which is a good basis for decision making into the future.
Our methodology in respect to Staff Views Survey is to, (in consultation with management) firstly establish any specific areas to be addressed by the survey and then prepare a draft staff views survey, confirming that it meets Council needs.
During the on-site visit, Mead Perry Group team members will conduct a staff issues survey with all staff (in their major work groups) to assess the views of staff across a range of areas including any specific areas that Council wishes to address. This survey will identify major issues for staff across the organisation and within work groups. This information will be useful in setting benchmarks for staff views which can be assessed in the future as reforms are implemented.
During this time, we will also conduct individual interviews with all managers as well as a cross section of all staff. These interviews will assist in confirming and providing detail on matters identified in the staff survey.
On completion of the on-site work, we will collate and analyse the data collected, including the preparation of survey result graphs. This process will deliver a clear indication of the issues that are perceived by staff as requiring attention as well as identifying any areas that do not have the capacity to or are not functioning in a way that meets the needs of Council.
The survey and interview summaries and analysis is compiled into a report for consideration by Council. Mead Perry Group also prepare a summary results document to use in the provision of feedback to staff.