Retainer Agreements

Value for Money2Mead Perry Group offer a service of a Retainer Agreement to ensure that the growing demand for our services does not interfere with our capacity to service an organisations needs.

The Retainer Agreement benefits both parties, in that an organisation’s officers will have ready access to quality support as they need it, together to access to Mead Perry Group’s retainer agreement services at a reduced rate (ie. 20% discount on our standard rate).

It is our firm belief that organisations which have access to quality support services are much better placed to manage fluctuating workloads and to deal effectively with complex matters as they arise, thereby improving organisational performance and service to their community.

After consultation with our clients, we have developed a number of products that are designed to be carried out on a regular basis and add extra value to our professional services retainer arrangement.

  • Annual General Rates Revaluation Modelling;
  • Annual Plant Performance Update;
  • Annual Financial Forecasting Update;
  • Budget Review Facilitation;
  • Local Government Benchmarking Update;
  • Financial Key Performance Indicators Review; and
  • Staff Views Surveys.

As a retainer client, you can choose to nominate any of the above projects on which to utilise your retainer allocation or nominate any other project or service of your choice.

The Retainer Agreements are an opportunity for organisations to ensure that quality support is available as and when required.


Retainer Agreement Methodology

Mead Perry Group offer a Professions Services Retainer Agreement (“retainer”) which provides for a close association with the organisation to enhance and streamline the provision of service and support to the organisation and its officers.

The retainer ensures that an organisation will:

  • Council officers will have ready access to quality support as they need it;
  • Council will continue to have access to Mead Perry Group’s services under our professional services retainer at a 20% discount off its standard rate and;
  • Retainer services can be provided under Local Buy arrangements.


Retainers are generally set up for a twelve month period and ensure the following:

Short consultations throughout the year at no extra charge

Mead Perry Group senior consultants will be available (within reason) by telephone or email to provide support and advice to an organisation on minor matters or consultations of less than one hour.

10 days consultation, training or project work at no extra charge.

The retainer will include ten (10) days chargeable work by Mead Perry Group senior consultants on any matter at the discretion of organisation.

Regular monthly telephone contact by senior consultant.

To ensure that an organisation is receiving maximum benefit from this arrangement, a senior consultant will be in contact with the organisation on at least a monthly basis.

At least two (2) onsite visits during the year.

To ensure that an organisation is receiving maximum benefit from this arrangement, a senior Mead Perry Group consultant will conduct an onsite visit at least twice during the year.

Quarterly reports on support provided and activities undertaken.

Mead Perry Group will provide a written report to the organisation on a quarterly basis which details the support and minor consultancies provided at no cost, the activities which have been deducted from the allocated ten (10) days and or any chargeable work undertaken during the period.