Governance Compliance

Demonstrate that you are operating in a compliant manner, with third-party reviews and industry benchmarking.

Strategic Planning

Set strategic goals, plan your annual budget and ensure alignment between corporate, management and operational plans.


Use surveys to assist with strategic planning, organisational reviews, workforce planning and specific issues, such as water charging.

Business Advisory

Review and assess sustainability issues and develop strategies to address sustainability challenges.

Risk Management

Assess and mitigate risk for projects and planned activities, with the support of a structured risk management framework.

Policy Review

Review existing policies in relation to Council needs and mandatory requirements.

Local Laws

Review existing Local Laws with regards to Council needs and mandatory requirements and retain, rescind, revise or develop new Local Laws as required.

Internal Audits

Establish and deliver a comprehensive, relevant and effective internal audit plan that ensures maximum compliance.

Other Services

We provide Delegation Register services, investigate complaints and provide Councillor training and community engagement planning.


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ISO 9001

Quality Accredited

Build Confidence

Having good processes in place leads to better outcomes for local governments and their communities.

Mead Perry Group provide frameworks to ensure Councils make open and transparent decisions that instil community and Councillor confidence.

Meet Legislative Requirements

Good governance follows the rule of the law.

We can help you revise or develop new policies, procedures, delegations and Local Laws to ensure compliance with legislation.

Achieve Your Vision

Create and realise a vision for your Council and your community.

As leaders in local government, we have extensive experience helping Councils set and achieve their strategic goals.