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Carbon Emissions Profiling

Benchmark your organisations emissions and review progress.

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Understand where your organisations money is being spent and reduce costs.


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Take proactive steps towards low-emissions future, measure your carbon footprint and receive expert recommendations for emissions reduction.

The following steps are the core of this service:

  1. Define operational boundaries. Our project manager will categorise direct and indirect emissions linked to council operations and define the scope.
  2. Calculate inventory. Our consultant will collect data and use an inventory tool to ensure calculations are repeatable by Council in house.
  3. Calculate emissions. From the obtained activity data and emission factors our consultant will calculate the CO2 equivalent of emissions of Council.
  4. A report is delivered on the emissions profile of Council.

A well-developed service catalogue allows Council to make decisions on what it wants delivered and through the budget process, resource the organisation appropriately to allow the desired outcomes to be delivered.

Key positive outcomes of a service level review are:

  • Effective management of assets.
  • Providing Council with the capacity to determine service levels.
  • Understanding and adjusting service levels to align with growth.
  • Ensuring services are financially substantiable through budgeting.